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ESL is fully equipped with excellent facilities including swimming pool, ICT, Multimedia rooms, Science laboratories, Basic Technology studios, Art room, Sport complex, School transportation system ,Boarding houses, Music and Dance room. Our team of qualified teachers bring life to these facilities, making them a fantastic place to learn and explore.

As children progress into the College, each child is placed under the care of a personal tutor. The teacher monitors the academic progress, morals and emotional development of the child and assist where necessary to ensure there are no hindrances to their learning.

Curriculum IT support: it’s mandatory for all college students to have a personal laptop with controlled access to the internet. ESL College requires higher and more intensive research related class projects and assignments, which every student must participate in as it is part of the academic assessment during the session.

Boarding facilities; the boarding complex provides separately for boys and girls. Located in safe, residential areas. The facility is purposed built and well furnished with steady treated water, fully functional power generator, trained security personnels and dormitory caregivers. Applicants interested in the boarding facility should please indicate interest when purchasing application form.

Transportation system: ESL in partnership with a reputable private company offers a well-scheduled transportation system for students. At point of enrollment, interested parents/guardian should ask for the school transportation schedule and fee.

ESL Support Services

Our support programme is designed to help students with specific learning or behavioral issues improve on performance, independent of classroom experience of other students. Independent of our support services, we believe parents/guardians can contribute immensely to a child’s total well-being.

ESL support services for students include:

1. Counseling services for all students.

2. Specialized learning support programme.

3. Club membership

4. Career mentorship/internship programmes