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Our work is to build dreams, inspire greatness and facilitate our students' growth in life.

What Our Parents Say

"I like the class size, it makes me feel my daughter is getting the attention she needs." Mrs Adeyanju 

"A friend of mine recommended Edidot School to me and I decided to visit them. I discovered they have the most friendly set of staffs and very conducive environment for learning. I wanted a place where my son could discover himself and grow his confidence and they gave me that" Engr Uche

"Edidot school is a great place for children. They care and provide timely feedback which has helped me to support my son's academics and social life" Mrs Alade

 "My children are so proud of this school and so am I. Keep doing the right things and improve in other areas. I especially like the focus on building character and supporting Parents to understand the teenagers better" Pastor John Adeyanju.

"Edidot College has remained a school to be proud of. The school runs a flat system where every child can feel loved and accepted. " Mr Arinola 

"The first time I visited Edidot school, I was impressed by the hands-on practical experience given to the children, it allows them to explore their creativity." Mrs. Grace Okonedo

" Not everything is perfect but at least I'm satisfied with the quality of teaching and the fact that my children enjoy the school. I see the way they relate to their classmates and teachers in a healthy manner, no intimidation. I like that" Dr Oluwole

"I brought my son here from another school because we could no longer afford the high cost. When I came to Edidot College, the staff really showed genuine love towards me and helped my child catch up on all the notes missed " Mrs Mosak

"My children were not doing well academically before we joined Edidot, but with the use of the e-learning, they have improved significantly" Mr Moses

"The clubs and extra-curricular activities have improved significantly over the years. I especially like my children's interest in coding and other aspects of software design". Mr Ezinne

What Our Alumni Say

"Every day in Edidot College felt right. Most days were an opportunity to build character and stamina when I look back now. I felt like I mattered because everyone cared about me, constantly pushing me to work harder and develop my skills. The time in Edidot College was worth it and I thank my Parents for choosing the school" Victory, Studying in Canada

"My story is simple, my Parents withdrew me from a school I didn't like and enrolled me at Edidot College. I started out timid but my time there changed me. I improved academically and socially. The soccer club also built my moral and stamina which helped me when I moved to the US." Paul, University of Utah

"I was accepted and loved by all when I got into Edidot, this helped me to find my voice and set big goals for life" Pamela, Undergrad, Lead City University

"I was timid and fearful but I left Edidot College more confident and prepared to take on the world" Gwyneth, Faculty of Law Undergrad, Afe Babalola University 

"My time in Edidot College was unveiling. I discovered friendship and learnt to set goals. Most especially, we were constantly told to set big goals and imagine how much our lives could change the world if we try. Those inspiring moments at the annual Seniors' Leadership camp will always be in my heart" Elizabeth, Babcock University