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Mission Statement

Delivering professionally and with God's help, a combined American, British and Nigerian education that will enable a child to function in the international world.

Our Motto

Excellence Always, Where Your Child Will Succeed!

What we Stand for:

Outstanding Academic Track Record

High Moral and Discipline Standard

Personalized attention

Modern and Excellent facilities

Safe and friendly environment

Small Class Size 

Experienced and Caring Staff members

Our Style of Teaching

Our teaching methodology is based on research and our years of experience in the art of knowledge transfer. Our dedicated staff set high expectations, believe in every student’s unlimited potential and are equipped with the training, tools, and resources to maximize their success in the classroom. We place emphasis on improving analytical and critical thinking skills amongst our students.

Our Core Values

Our Core Values drive our culture as a people and an organization. Every new member of the Edidot family is introduced to these core values when joining us. They are based on biblical principles and teachings, our core values are Integrity, Discipline, Fear of God, Humility, Respect, Honesty, Good Morals and Academic excellence.

School Anthem

As shines the light burning bright
How great it is to see ourselves
The greatest ones of the future
With hard work we shall be the best


Edidot Schools, the school with vision
Right for the best education
Across the borders of discipline
With zeal the best future we seek

Moulding the leaders of tomorrow
Our future is marked with excellence
Wisdom is the key to success
Surely we shall be victorious.